Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Is Alcohol Addiction Affecting You Or A Loved One?

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the world however it is not uncommon to work with people who are mixing it with other medications or substances. We now know that it may be a cover-up for other disorders.

Abstinence from it alone does not constitute a recovery, as it has been the main self-treatment for many problems as well as becoming the primary problem in itself. When it is removed, there is no longer a solution for the issues being medicated. This means the individual must seek a new solution for old problems.

When not treated, addiction can destroy mental and physical health, derail careers, damage personal relationships and cause constant misery. If you or a loved one feels trapped and needs help with addiction, Aurora’s world-class facility could be the answer you’re looking for.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

There are many needs to be met in the recovery process, and it is very difficult to achieve permanent and satisfying sobriety without professional assistance. We offer comfortable and effective individual and group therapy. Our approach is holistic in nature, we treat mind, body and spirit but also teach the importance of the 12 step model of recovery along with other treatment modalities.

A full holistic treatment program is needed for the full recovery of the person to be possible. If this does not occur, then old problems grow worse, resulting in many crisis situations. The individual returns to the old solutions or quite naturally develops an alternate addiction. In some cases, severe mental health concerns develop regardless of whether another addiction is developed.

The Twelve-step recovery program is an important part of the Aurora treatment strategy because it works. There is nothing as powerful and beautiful as when two or more people unite together with the common purpose of sharing their experience, strength, and hope through a process of substance abuse treatment.

In all likelihood, a period of relief from everyday pressures is needed for full dedication to the recovery process. This is where residential care is highly valued by those seeking recovery. Aurora Treatment Centre is a safe environment free of alcohol and drugs so you can focus entirely on personal recovery.

If needing DETOX: We are blessed to have a world-class medical detox unit attached to our inpatient treatment facility. It is available for anyone needing a medical detox before entering treatment. We know that withdrawals are prone to seizures, hallucinations and other unanticipated symptoms, which may require medications to reduce the severity and potential of complications. The removal of the alcohol can leave the person needing immediate medical and mental health care for that condition no longer being medicated by it and/or other drugs.

There is a Solution!

At Aurora Recovery Centre our programs will give you or your loved one the hope, freedom, strength and the skills they need to make the right decisions to live the life they desire and deserve. Our doors are open and we honour the opportunity to work with anyone wanting lasting recovery. Our accommodations and proven treatment programs are simply the best.