What to Bring

A list of things to bring when staying at Aurora Recovery Centre

What to Bring

  • A credit card, cashier’s check, personal check or wire transfers are an acceptable form of payment. Please contact your addiction specialist and make any necessary arrangements prior to your arrival. Payment is due in full upon intake unless arranged otherwise.
  • Credit card information to be on file for any incidental charges such as tuck shop purchases, massages, recovery books, logo wear.  Medication will be billed by a third-party pharmacy and they will need a card on file in order to fill any prescriptions. You will also be responsible for any outside services ie dentist, eye exam, glasses. These services will be put on your bill and to be paid upon discharge.
  • Your driver’s license, health card, passport or photo ID.
  • A list of all your medications and dosages. Please bring a all of your medications to insure you do not miss any during your transition. While in treatment, authorized medications will be distributed from a third-party pharmacy at an additional cost. If you have a additional medication coverage plan card please bring it with you.
  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers of healthcare professionals, referents, family members and anyone else you would like to have involved in your treatment.
  • $100 – $200 in smaller denominations to use during your stay. Please keep in mind there are no ATMs on site. A Visa/ MasterCard/Debit card will also work in lieu of cash.
  • Casual comfortable clothing that can be layered.
  • Sleepwear.
  • Shoes for everyday use and for exercise.
  • Workout attire, including gym attire and a one piece swimsuit or trunks.
  • Shoes, shirts and appropriate undergarments are required at all times. No tank tops, sleeveless tops. Dress codes are to be followed while in treatment.
  • Please bring some weather appropriate clothing.
    • Personal toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, mouthwash, body lotion and sunscreen. All toiletries must be alcohol free.
    • Electronics: hair dryer, I-pods and MP3 players (no camera)
    • Laundry facilities, detergent, dryer sheets are provided at no additional cost.
    • If you smoke you must bring sealed and packaged cartons. Any unsealed packages will be put into lock up. We do sell cigarettes and lighters in the tuck shop

What Not to Bring:

  • Alcohol and drugs – This one might seem like a given, but there are those who believe bringing last minute drug items to treatment is ok. It’s not. Your belongings will be searched twice by two different sets of member care specialists.
  • Weapons – Leave home any weapons. This means guns, knives, scissors, or any sharp objects that may be viewed as dangerous.
  • Candles and incense.
  • Food or drinks– Outside food and drinks are typically banned because many centers maintain a moderate caffeine and sugar environment. Meals, snacks, and beverages will be provided to you in the treatment center. If you have special dietary requirements, let the center know before you’re admitted.
  • Toiletries that contain alcohol– Leave at home any alcohol-based products like certain mouthwashes, nail polish remover, perfume, and aerosols.
  • Revealing clothing or clothing with profanity – Do not bring any clothes that reference drugs, alcohol, or profanity. Leave at home your revealing clothing and cut-off tops. You’ll need comfortable clothes for your journey in treatment.
  • Electronics – Leave behind game consoles, televisions, tablets, iPhones, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Expensive items and cash – Leave behind any expensive items like jewelry, clothes, shoes, and large amounts of money.
  • Unapproved or opened medication – Leave behind any unapproved medication. If you have vitamins or unopened medication, advise the admins before you enter rehab.

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