You Are Not Alone: Celebs in Recovery

People Magazine features a section called “Celebrities: they’re just like us!” They eat like us, they sleep like us, they even go to rehab and get sober like us. It is no secret that Hollywood likes to party. Hearing stories of celebrities getting lost in the glitz, glam, drugs, and alcohol, are common. Celebrities go through phases where it seems everyone is off to rehab. Just like among everyday people, however, not everyone stays sober.

Recovery is a process. When a party habit has become diagnosable drug addiction and alcoholism, it becomes a matter of life or death as opposed to good public image. Working hard to stay clean and sober in an industry full of opulence and indulgence is difficult. Not only that, but going to meetings and being treated as an equal in the recovery community can be a challenge in humility and acceptance for celebrities as well.

celebs in recovery

Celebs in Recovery

Bradley Cooper, star of The Hangover series had a lot of inspiration for playing the role of someone lost in the bewilderment of drunken debauchery. Cooper has been sober since the age of 29 when he realized his life was falling apart. He hasn’t touched a drink or drug since.

Eminem hadn’t recorded a single song sober until he made the decision to seek recovery for his severe drug and alcohol addiction. Today, he openly discusses his past problems and writes about it in his new music.

Ewan McGregor may be the new Obi-Wan Kenobi, but there was a time when the force was not strong with him. McGregor reports that his alcoholism flew under the radar but he eventually realized he needed to seek help.

Kristin Davis is famous for her reprising role as sweet, innocent Charlotte in the Sex and the City franchise. At 22 years old, Davis put down drinking for good when she realized she was struggling to become a successful actress because of it.

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne tried rehab multiple times before she finally was ready to put down drugs and alcohol for good. Noticing that she was actively using to die gave her a great wake up call to life.

Jada Pinkett Smith, actress and wife to actor Will Smith, found herself bored in the house drinking multiple bottles of wine a day. Taking a hard look at herself, she sought help and said goodbye to alcohol. She’s been clean ever since.


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