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Treatment Process


Detox & Assessment: Healing begins with 24/7 medical detox. Medical, clinical and mental health assessments are performed for each member, providing the foundation for their personalized treatment plan and detailing specific goals for their journey to recovery.

Personalized Counselling: Expert clinicians ensure our programming is effective and tailored to the needs of each individual. Members are assigned two counsellors—one focused on addictions counselling and the other, clinical. Counsellors may refer members to more advanced therapy and/or psychiatric consults for mental health treatment.


Group Programming: Connection with others is critical to long-term healing. Through peer-to-peer CBT group therapies, 12-step groups, adjunctive therapies and structured activities within Aurora’s community, members build healthy relationships to prepare themselves for recovery for life.

Family Program: Members learn to overcome the challenges of addiction and rebuild relationships with their loved ones, integrating them into their personalized recovery plan. Weekly family group and intensive family programs also prepare loved ones to support both their own and the member’s recovery.


Post Treatment: Beyond treatment, Aurora offers continuing care to assess and monitor the member’s reintegration into their relationships. Staff are always available for consultation, and individual, family, couples and group therapies are available through ARC counselling in Winnipeg.

Continuing Care: Aurora’s treatment includes continuing care programs to support the member’s recovery for life. Each member develops a comprehensive recovery plan that addresses every aspect necessary in maintaining a sober, healthy and happy life. Learn More about our treatment process.

Why Aurora?

 Member-First Culture

From initial contact through to continuing care, members and their loved ones experience our Member-First culture. Members’ experiences are the most important aspect of what we do.

 Personalized Treatment

Every member is unique and has specific needs. We meet our members’ needs through comprehensive assessments, tailoring the treatment process to best support their recovery.

 24/7 Medical Detox

We have immediate availability to our medical detox unit and admit members 24/7. Aurora Recovery Centre is one of the only private drug and alcohol treatment centers in Canada with an onsite, 24/7 medical detox unit. Our detox facilities are always staffed by medical professionals specialized in addiction and alcohol withdrawal treatment.

 World-Class Facilities

Aurora Recovery Centre is a world-class and fully modernized, 45,000 square foot treatment centre located on the serene Western shore of Lake Winnipeg. Amenities include a full theatre and game room, a wheelchair-accessible indoor swimming pool, and a fully equipped gym and yoga studio.

Aurora was an experience of a lifetime. I honestly believe it saved my life. The staff were just amazing. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Thanks to all the staff.

A Grateful Alumnus

John G

Aurora- specializes treatment to the individual needs of members. I am leaving here with love and respect for myself. Empowered with knowledge about my addiction + behaviours + thoughts + feelings. Ability to face challenges after care with the tools I need.

A Grateful Alumnus

Cheryl W

My stay at Aurora saved my life. I thought I ‘d never escape the grip of my addiction to Alcohol. I now feel I have the tools to live a happy and healthy life filled with real emotions.

A Grateful Alumnus

Nicholas H

I thought of rehab as a high-end detox for the first while. I could only see negatives. I eventually changed my perspective and I even asked to stay longer. I am glad I did. Every day I learn something new about myself, and I improve my ability to function as a member of my family/society. I couldn’t have made a better choice by coming to Aurora.

A Grateful Alumnus


I have been to another rehab before Aurora. Coming here I thought I would never get anything positive out of it! I was wrong! Aurora got me back on track and feeling great about myself. I learned more about addiction and I am ready to go and use it in the real world, and I should be able to stay straight. Thanks a lot Aurora!

A Grateful Alumnus

Brenden S

Aurora has saved my life without this program I would be missing out on my life with my wife and kids. It has also brought back my relationship with my God. This place is 100% worth every penny I have spent.

A Grateful Alumnus


I have been to 3 previous rehabs over the past 15 years and continually relapsed. I now recognize at Aurora that I did not have the necessary tools to maintain my sobriety. My counsellors identified my issues and concerns and I must say they are the best counsellors on the planet!

A Grateful Alumnus


Am I an Alcoholic?

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The Aurora Difference

For years, any Winnipeg rehab centre or Manitoba rehab facilities would focus on treating the addiction, but not the underlying mental health concerns and relationship problems that, left untreated, make a full recovery difficult. Facilities would act simply as alcohol treatment centres with a drug treatment program, instead of as places of holistic recovery. At Aurora, our two counsellors per member strategy allow a more thorough examination of the personal and interpersonal problems that can aggravate addiction, and our focus on group and family programs allows our members to build and rebuild the relationships that are essential to a full recovery.

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