Addiction Training for Professionals

We recognize that addiction has a profoundly negative impact on systems and that healing those systems is the most powerful way to affect change. Aurora Recovery Centre’s Addiction Training provides education, resources and immersion in the treatment process. This experience will shift your perspectives while giving you actionable tools and access to experts in the field of addiction recovery.

You’ll learn about…

  • The neurobiological aspects of addiction
  • The correlation between trauma and addiction
  • How to communicate effectively with someone in active addiction
  • Inter-generational influences on addiction
  • How to support recovery
  • The difference between symptoms of addiction and issues that need to be addressed
  • The importance of assessment through Prokaska and DiClemente’s Stages of Change

Our qualified counsellors and therapists facilitate a constructive learning environment, rich in content and diverse experiences. We invite participants to attend the centre for three days, several times each year. This training is free and open to those who have completed an application process. The content of our Addiction Training includes psycho-educational activities, 12-step philosophies, family and relational dynamics, multi-disciplinary team communications and more. After completing the training, you’ll have a greater understanding of the true nature of addiction and addiction recovery.