Addiction Recovery: Are You Ready To Face Your Addiction?

It doesn’t matter where you come from, whether you’ve tried to get into addiction recovery before, or how many times you’ve sworn to go on the wagon.

Addiction is painful. It steals your spirit. It destroys relationships with your family and loved ones. When the consequences have mounted up and you don’t know where to turn, we’re ready to help. Please call.

No shame in asking.

Getting help for addiction doesn’t mean you’re a terrible, weak person.

It means you’re strong enough to have survived all that you have. You have the courage to reach out. You’re a human being who needs support and guidance to find your balance again.

We don’t see that as terrible nor weak. We see it as a powerful starting point for recovery.

You don’t have to do it alone. We welcome you to give us a call now to confidentially explore your addiction treatment options. Our compassionate, qualified admissions team is ready right now to help you.

No stigma. No shame. Just options.

How do you know we’re right for you?

Aurora is a little different from other addiction treatment centres. We don’t have a pre-set treatment protocol that you must follow in the order we lay out. We know a one-size-fits-all type of treatment just isn’t effective for everyone. If you’re completely new to recovery, you may have different needs from someone who has been through treatment before. You may have the ability to stay with us for Inpatient Treatment, where the next person may only need Outpatient Treatment services.

The experts call our approach a “recovery-oriented system of care“. This means a few things:

  • We’re listening to your needs. Our team takes you through an assessment of your entire situation in a safe, private, confidential space. Your recovery plan and treatment is then geared toward what will best help you along your own path to recovery.
  • We’re adaptable and empathetic, constantly monitoring your progress and making adjustments to your recovery plan for your best possible recovery outcome. Maybe you start out in group therapy, then realize you need more one-on-one support in individual counselling. No matter what the adjustments, we respond in your best interest to whatever comes up.
  • Along our continuum of care, you have access right now to all of our services, or just the ones that are appropriate for you. You may be with us from detox through to aftercare, or jump in at any points along the way. Whatever is best for you.
  • We automatically support and offer healing for your family, workplace and community, too. In our system of care, family and community healing is just as important as your own journey to recovery. When you and those who surround you get well, your chances of staying on the healing path are increased.
  • When you finish our programs, we don’t cut ties with you. In fact, it’s the opposite.  We provide all kinds of ways for you to stay connected with us and the foundations of your recovery so your healing is long-term and lasting. We call it Recovery for Life.

Your Call Is Safe and Confidential

We know getting in touch with us is scary. The thought of going into a big, unknown building can be intimidating.

Just remember, everyone who is with us are there for the same reason. They know what you’re going through. They were all new once. Before long, you’ll be the old-timer of the group as other members come and go.

We’re responsive to your privacy and confidentiality needs at all times, going out of our way to create a safe environment for healing and recovery.

You’re reading this page for a reason. Please call us, even if it’s just for more information.

It can’t hurt. And you may even find relief from the storm within.