New Dawn Family Program

Being witness to the ravages of addiction and substance use in the family, workplace or community can be traumatic. Our addiction family program offers education and new coping strategies that focus on helping you move into a more empowered, connected space.

Aurora’s New Dawn Family Program creates an empathetic, evidence-based and trauma-informed group environment of safety and stabilization. Delivered by compassionate, credentialed, highly trained counsellors, our New Dawn addiction family program was created by expert pioneers in the field of family treatment.

How Our Family Program Can Help You

The stress of watching the downward spiral of addiction can be overwhelming and damaging to all involved.

Families often come to us believing if we just fix their loved one, everything will be okay. But, like with any other chronic illness, coping strategies are often adopted by the family and community members that are more harmful than helpful without them even realizing it.

When we treat the entire family and community system, we create real, lasting change.

Just as addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, healing doesn’t either. Our family program encourages concurrent treatment for all involved, raising the family and entire community out of the mire of this tragic illness.

Families and community members are provided new tools for living and recovery.  No matter the outcome of their loved one’s treatment, or even if not treated at all, families and loved ones can find their own healing and wellness.

Journey of Self-Discovery

Our highly credentialed clinical team utilizes an invitational, not confrontational, approach to leading participants through our family program. 

We start from a place of honouring every person’s unique path to connecting with themselves, adapting to each groups’ needs.

Our psychoeducational approach and powerful somatic techniques focus on welcoming and encouraging our group members to explore their capacity to be curious, to be raw and authentic, to have the courage to engage.

We believe that changing our thinking and restructuring our language will reflect the spirit of healing into the whole community.

Experiential Addiction Family Program

We welcome you to take part in this experiential addiction family program.

You’ll commit to participate in:

  • 3-hour group sessions, one session per week for 8 weeks
  • A one-on-one follow-up counselling session

New Dawn Family Program is delivered virtually via Zoom, so is more accessible to those who aren’t able, or can’t afford, to travel to us. You’ll be able to create and relax into your own healing space, surrounding yourself with your own personal comforts as you take this courageous journey of self-discovery.

Facilitated with incredible compassion and kindness, the energy and connection of each group translates beautifully across the digital network, creating a warm, welcoming, encouraging atmosphere.

Understanding The Addictive Illness

Using creative, impactful messaging and group activities, our New Dawn Family Program helps you understand the addictive illness and the dynamics of how the entire family and community systems are affected.

You’ll learn about the addictive illness, enabling, self-care, 12-step philosophies, family and relational dynamics, co-dependency, boundaries and coping strategies.

Groups consist of a series of topics, each building on the last, that take you through the program in a purposeful, sensible way.

New Dawn Family Program focus:

  • Understanding the addictive illness
  • Understanding the ways families have been impacted by addiction
  • Recognizing family dynamics/patterns (roles of family members)
  • Managing emotions and relaxation
  • Exploring strategies for open/effective communication
  • Examining grief and loss
  • Learning about attachment and detachment
  • Exploring enabling, codependency and denial
  • Establishing new patterns of relating
  • Applying recovery concepts (routine, sleep, nutrition, balance)
  • Embracing 12 step education (relative to Families Anonymous, Al-Anon, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous philosophies)
  • Finding meaning and spirituality in recovery
  • Examining Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) issues

Support, guidance and encouragement is always available from the group leaders when needed as you move through the program toward wellness.

Group Therapy: Healing Together

While for some it may seem intimidating at first, group therapy in our New Dawn Family Program provides a safe, enlightening, encouraging space in which profound healing is shared by all. We have designed our Family Program to safely engage you with others in the group throughout the program.

Taking the risk to reach out, you’ll learn that you really aren’t alone. There are others who are working through the same pain, finding hope and comfort in the group’s connection.

There is a type of healing in groups that doesn’t happen with individual work.  Connection, learning to trust, and taking risks with others who often remark, “I do that too!” or “I feel that way!” is incredibly transformative.

Rebuilding Relationships

Within our recovery-oriented system of care, we recognize the importance of building relationships and a strong support system when laying the foundation for sustainable recovery.

If you have a loved one in treatment, your New Dawn Family Program will usually take place at the same time, though you’re welcome to attend when you most need help, during, before or after. With parallel treatment, you will both gain the tools and information you need to move into a recovery-based, healthier relationship together.

Even if your loved one with substance use disorder is not in treatment, New Dawn Family Program is available to you. We support your health and wellness, no matter what. You are worth it.

To create an atmosphere of safety and trust, we allow a maximum of 10 participants per session. Spaces fill up quickly, so we encourage you to contact us to sign up as soon as possible.

As family, friend, co-worker or loved one of a substance user, your well-being is important.

You matter. You’re not alone.