People who got benefit from Aurora Recovery

Aurora is an awesome, safe, caring place. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come there and change my life around.

Karley W

Overall it was a great place to restart my life. I feel lucky in a way that I was able to come here to take ownership of my problems and the skills to deal with them

Jason F

Thank you, Aurora!

The Aurora Recovery Centre proved to be a very important turning point in my life. As a recovering Alcoholic my personal demons become unmanageable. I was thoroughly impressed by Aurora and how they offered many exceptional copying, learning and healing tools.

The primary importance of healing was treated with compassion by an excellent Medical Team and attentive Detox care.

The daily schedules included many impressive recreational and exercise activities. Strict attention to the client’s healing requirements were always evident.

Many special health care professionals all contributed to an amazing growth experience for me. From Doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, counselors and all facility staff, they all nurtured my emotional and physical health.
I wholeheartedly recommend Aurora to anyone who battles an addiction and craves a solution to it. Aurora Recovery Centre and the exceptional people who work there will continue to help many suffering families far into the future.

A Thankful Alumnus

Aurora has been absolutely paramount to my recovery. The people here truly care about your sobriety and well-being. Everyone from the CCS workers to the counselors and even the drivers. Upon arriving here, you are going to experience a roller coaster of emotions. You are going to go from happy to sad to mad to indifferent, sometimes all in the same day, but stick it out. It probably won’t be easy, in fact, I promise you it won’t be easy, but it is worth it!

The relief comes, the pain ends, and the laughter begins. I’ve gone through the hardest time of my life here at Aurora, but I’ve had the funniest time of my life here as well. Every one of you who walk through the doors of Aurora is a warrior! You all are fighters! So keep on fighting! Keep fighting the good fight!


An Opiate Addict

I have struggled with alcohol abuse for 8 years and have taken part in 4 rehabilitations. Last June I realized I needed more help to find the root of my problem. I heard good things about Aurora, the new addiction center in Gimli and called. I arrived on a Sunday and was welcomed by a supportive group of professionals. From there I started my 45-day program to recovery. The program consisted of grief counseling, co-dependency, self-compassion, anger management, healthy relationships, and forgiveness.

We followed the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous and studied the first three steps intensely. I also had an opportunity to see a psychologist and had one on one sessions with my counselor each week. I plan on seeing my psychologist in Winnipeg during my rehabilitation.

Aurora was very comfortable. The beds were great and the rooms were clean. The food was delicious and healthy as well. The kitchen staff went over and above to meet our needs. I was able to work out at the gym and pool daily. We also attended 6 AA meetings in the evenings. Sunday afternoon was set aside for family visitation. Group started each morning with a 20-minute meditation followed by 3-hour group therapy in the morning and again in the afternoon.

I feel that Aurora gave me the tools for a successful, sober life.

Linda C

I am so grateful for the Aurora Recovery Center! Someone I love with all my heart just finished treatment here. He has talked nonstop about the facility and awesome staff. He actually said he loved it! I wish I had room here to tell all the wonderful stories of the kindness and awesome care he received while he was there. Thank you to Paul Melnuk and to all of the Aurora staff! You are all very special and amazing people!!!!

Lynne M

Mother of Patient

I know they have some great counselors and people involved! Treatment saved my life!!!

Michael B

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