I just wanted to send you a quick message! First too apologize for the behaviour during amd after my stay at Aurora. I was completely selfish and full of ego and truly thought everyone owed me something and I was the victim here. Lol wow could that of been any further from the truth. But today I am 8 months sober and life just keeeps getting better .  You guys at Aurora introduced me to the 12 step program of AA amd clearly didn’t care at that time for them but today my life is based around that big book! It’s my bible amd has saved my life. So Ian thank you amd everyone at Aurora for being a huge part of my journey . Your saving lives and it’s amazing . I cant thank you enough.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jen S.

I came here so scared from Vancouver, BC but everything came together so well Detox made sure I was comfortable and not in any pain and when I came out and got into my room everything got better. The rooms are so nice and cozy. When you get into your group in the morning and afternoon you will get so into it. Aurora saved my life and gave me a chance to live a second one.

A Grateful Alumnus

Amanda S

I came to Aurora a broken man. I believe the services and staff at Aurora completely transformed my outlook and overall perspective of life in a positive way. They really focused on getting to the root of my problem. Aurora has so many different options of healing and help, that I was able to fill my day easily. The yoga, meditation, smudging and sweat lodges were a huge part of my personal recovery. The staff were very accommodating as well as very understanding. The food was great. If I knew anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues I will be sure to tell them about Aurora! Thanks for giving me back my life Aurora.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jordan E.

I’m so thankful for Shelley-Ann, Sam R. without those two I wouldn’t be here today! They went above and beyond to help me become the person I am today and will work to be for the rest of my life!

A Grateful Alumnus

Payten M

Giving recovery a chance has been life changing for me. My attitude an outlook on life has changed in ways I never thought possible. I’ve found happiness in my life, something I never imagined I could have.

A Grateful Alumnus


Thank you Aurora, I have never felt better in my entire life and I am excited to continue my journey in recovery. I will stay connected and be back soon! Thank you so much for this awesome experience I am more grateful than words can say.

A Grateful Alumnus

Catherine M

We are all born with a light inside of us. When you look at a joyful child you witness the natural ability they have to emanate happiness, peace and love, into most around them. This drives me to question where that light has gone in a lot of us as we reach adulthood. With this question in mind, I listened to the stories of the many people that I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend the last two months getting to really know. I am grateful that we are all able to breakdown the many barriers that we are so used to keeping up in our past lives. I am grateful that I got to know the real you’s and introduce you to the real me.
It is because of this, I learned that we all have had our light dimmed down by something. Some of us had our light stomped out abruptly, sometimes more than once. Some of us have had it slowly taken away from us over a long period of time. The differences in how we lost our light are irrelevant, because of the one thing we all have in common. That is that we all strive to shine again. Who here has seen the Aurora Borealis? I am sure that if you have seen it you will concur that it is a spectacular phenomenon to witness. So it is fitting that this facility, no this sanctuary for our own sanity is named Aurora. Because like the dancing light that takes the darkness out of the sky, this place helps bring light into the darkness of our lives.

A Grateful Alumnus

John M

There are no words that I can write that can accurately capture what this place has done for me. I came here broken, beaten, lost and with no will to live. This place helped me gain that will to live and helped me recover a life I never thought I was capable of achieving. I owe this place the largest debt of gratitude and the only way I can pay it back is by passing on what it taught me. I will live the rest of my life always calling the walls of Aurora home no matter where I am and because of this place I will always be Awesome But Getting Better!!!
Thank you Aurora, thank you for the gift of life and recovery because of you I know my brother smiles down and is proud of me and for that I am ever in your debt.
Sincerely A Changed Man

A Grateful Alumnus

Kary M

Came here with not many friends or pride. I’m leaving with my pride and dignity and a future that’s as bright as the sun if I follow the steps needed to stay sober and trustworthy. By all means all humans deserve a better way of life. Thanx again.

A Grateful Alumnus

Chris J

Aurora offers so much to their members. They customize each member’s program according to needs. It is a very comfortable centre with extra therapies offered. I felt very special + the staff was top- notch. They make sure you have a great recovery plan for returning home + you are a member forever and can always be in touch with them.

A Grateful Alumnus

Norma M

This is the best looney bin I’ve ever been to! Thank you for everything.

A Grateful Alumnus

Manuel C

Aurora saved my life.

A Grateful Alumnus

Kolton R

Aurora is the best place to get recovery + I would recommend Aurora.

A Grateful Alumnus

Chase Z

Aurora saved my life and made me feel like I belonged somewhere finally. Aurora makes me feel like a part of a new family and support me even when I finished the program. Choosing Aurora was the best choice I ever made. I am so grateful for this place cause I was born again, and never been happier.

A Grateful Alumnus

Victoria V

The men’s group and wing is the motivation I needed to get back on my feet.

A Grateful Alumnus

Chris C

The staff care. It’s a safe and comforting environment for anyone who wants to get help. You will learn skills and meet people that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jace M

Aurora helped me find the inner link to friendship and family. I’ve always longed for greater intimacy. Thank you to the staff that took that extra attention to detail that made my stay and recovery memorable.

A Grateful Alumnus

Patrick M

I am so happy I came here. Changed my life.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jenelle K

Aurora has helped me figure myself out. Become aware of my addiction and where it stems from. Without this place I would still be lost. I feel happy and confident in myself and my abilities. As well I have met a lot of great like minded people who share a common goal. I’ve met a lot of great friends for life. Thank you Aurora.

A Grateful Alumnus

Dave L

Aurora is truly a special place – It’s location lakeside is perfect and offers more nature and clean air then any of the previous 3 facilities I have been to. I know for a fact I will be coming back to either volunteer, come to the odd meeting or call in to check in whenever possible. The staff are perfect and address situations as professionals and went out of their way to help me whenever I asked and sometimes could tell even before I could that there was something up with me. Detox and when I transferred out to the men’s wing both felt like home. I will always cherish the time I’ve spent here.

A Grateful Alumnus

Andrew H

Recovery is not about how beautiful you are on the outside, but how beautiful you are on the inside and we can help you find the inner beautiful you. It just takes one easy step – call, email…

A Grateful Alumnus

Brenda T

Rehab is a tough thing to go through but with Aurora’s staff, members and counseling methods. You get the tools, knowledge and support to achieve sobriety. Thanks to Aurora, I got my life back.

A Grateful Alumnus

Rob M

I would never have imagined there could be a place where I could peel my “layers” down to my most raw place and amongst strangers. I felt safe and cared about.

A Grateful Alumnus

Brenda S

I walked through the doors of Aurora a broken man!! In the beautiful well balanced months I existed here. I have had breakdowns, breakthroughs, tears of pain, tears of joy, a sense of hope and loss of fear. I am walking out of these doors knowing the me that I am glad to have finally met. Thank-you.

A Grateful Alumnus

Robin J

Overall, I have met nice people and members, and learned sobriety is possible and achievable and that Happiness, Joy, Freedom can be a normal thing and that sadness is not something that needs to be masked but expressed in healthy ways and that life is too short and I’d rather be a sober mess than a high mess. Looking forward to and be working here. I am grateful for all of what Aurora has done. Thank you.

A Grateful Alumnus

Brittany B

Aurora was an experience of a lifetime. I honestly believe it saved my life. The staff were just amazing. I’d recommend this place to anyone. Thanks to all the staff.

A Grateful Alumnus

John G

Aurora is an awesome place to better yourself. I don’t regret my time here at all!

A Grateful Alumnus

Haylee S

I have been looking for a good counselor for over 2 years and I found one here at Aurora. Jennifer!

A Grateful Alumnus

Michael S

Aurora- specializes treatment to the individual needs of members. I am leaving here with love and respect for myself. Empowered with knowledge about my addiction + behaviors + thoughts + feelings. Ability to face challenges after care with the tools I need.

A Grateful Alumnus

Cheryl W

I think this place is awesome if you put in the work and help yourself. The staff are the most accommodating people there is, if I wouldn’t be around, dead or prison.

A Grateful Alumnus

Luke S

I was lost and empty. I felt hopeless with no purpose. I was so angry when I arrived and refused to let anyone in or show weakness. Aurora didn’t give up on me, they listened and helped me through feelings I never wanted to feel. I found be vulnerable isn’t weak it’s courage and being open, honest and willing to change is the toughest but most rewarding thing in the world. This place saved my life, my soul and my spirit. I actually want to live, care to live and dream to make a difference now. I have more faith than fear and the only thing I fear is going back in my sobriety. It takes a village……it took Aurora and my H.P to save this girl and I am so grateful. The only way to show my gratitude is to stay sober and help others along my path. Thank you.

A Grateful Alumnus

Kelsey B

Aurora was a great help dealing with past hurt. Giving me tools to deal with them and my addiction. Guidance how to deal with my future struggles that will arise, after getting out.

A Grateful Alumnus

Daniel P

A big thank you to all the staff and members that made my stay a positive one….I get to leave here a changed man with a fresh start! Also….Darlene was great and deserves a big raise!!!!

A Grateful Alumnus

Jody L

The guidance and support gave me the tools to save my life! All the promises come true if you do the work! I will always be grateful to the staff for supporting my journey to recovery, including my physical, spiritual and mental health. I would recommend to anyone that needs support to find their own recovery.

A Grateful Alumnus

Anthony R

My experience at Aurora was incredible! The staff and therapists were more than accommodating. Very caring and willing to help me during my stay. I’ll definitely be sharing my experience after I leave here! Thank-you everyone, you all rock!

A Grateful Alumnus

Gina B

Couldn’t have asked for a more helpful and safe recovery. My stay here has been exceptional. Thanks to all the staff. Great job.

A Grateful Alumnus

Derek K

Aurora is a safe and friendly environment. I have learned so much and truly feel I have all the tools necessary to be successful and live a life of sobriety.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jordon B

I liked everything Aurora provided me, the food was great, I learned lots. The sweats were fun, once you got into the program, they kept you really busy. The staff was great. They make it really comfortable and made you feel at home.

A Grateful Alumnus

Brenden M

Thank you Aurora for being patient with my crazyness. I give Aurora a 10/10

A Grateful Alumnus

Lacey Jade L

Aurora Recovery Centre has helped me to reconnect with my inner most self and spirituality. While at Aurora I gained knowledge on how to deal with my addiction and start my process of recovery. The facility is top notch and the staff is very professional and caring. I would highly recommend Aurora to anyone that wants recovery from their addiction.

A Grateful Alumnus

Duane H

Aurora saved my life! The personalized program helped me to overcome my and prepare me for life outside of this bubble.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jessica M

Aurora is a safe and friendly environment. I have learned so much and truly feel I have all the tools necessary to be successful and live a life of sobriety.

A Grateful Alumnus

Jordon B.

When I first arrived at ARC I had no faith that any institution/Rehab/Recovery Centre could save me. After 42 days at Aurora, I have hope for myself and my 8-year-old daughters future. Maintaining my sobriety is now attainable. The tools I have acquired at ARC have set me up for a promising future after 15 years of addiction.

A Grateful Alumnus

Brittany M

I have been to another rehab before Aurora. Coming here I thought I would never get anything positive out of it! I was wrong! Aurora got me back on track and feeling great about myself. I learned more about addiction and I am ready to go and use it in the real world, and I should be able to stay straight. Thanks a lot Aurora for getting my head out of my ass.

A Grateful Alumnus

Brenden S

I thought of rehab as a high-end detox for the first while. I could only see negatives. I eventually changed my perspective and I even asked to stay longer. I am glad I did. Every day I learn something new about myself, and I improve my ability to function as a member of my family/society. I couldn’t have made a better choice by coming to Aurora.

A Grateful Alumnus


I feel extremely fortunate that I could address my addiction recovery at Aurora Treatment Centre in Gimli, Manitoba. The facility is top notch. The counselors, nurses, and all the staff are persons of utmost character and professionalism. The wide variety of programs such as yoga, fitness, and aqua-fit, to mention a few are extremely therapeutic.

I always felt that my care and well-being was top priority at Aurora and this was confirmed daily. Meals are nutritious and professionally prepared fresh every day.

A Grateful Alumnus

Neil S

The Aurora Recovery Centre has given me the opportunity to recover in all areas of my life. Addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas at the same time speeds up the recovery process. To recover from addiction there must be a profound alteration to the way I react to life. The Aurora team has gifted me the ability to recognize, analyze and respond, in the day to day life. I will forever be grateful for my experience at Aurora. I look forward to sharing the gifts I have been given here with the people I encounter in my day to day life.

A Grateful Alumnus


I am very pleased to have found my recovery here at Aurora. It was an amazing experience. The staff is Top Notch. Starting each day with meditation is now a must on my to do list. I found the sessions very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend this facility.

A Grateful Alumnus

Rob T

I want to express HUGE THANKS to you and the team at Aurora! Thanks for taking the time to visit us at the HSC in Winnipeg back in Jan 2017 .. it was a life changer! To see my brother Ted W sober is something I thought I could dream of! He is without a doubt, my hero! I am again so very thankful for all that you do to help people/families who struggle with addiction. Things are going pretty good with the whole family! My sister –n –law had been incredible-I give her a ton of credit for sticking around and also to get the help she needs! We have all learned and are learning a lot and take it one day at a time. So again, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving life back to our family!!

A Grateful Alumnus

Jennifer W

My stay at Aurora saved my life. I thought I ‘d never escape the grip of my addiction to Alcohol. I now feel I have the tools to live a happy and healthy life filled with real emotions.

A Grateful Alumnus

Nicholas H

My experience at Aurora has been life-changing. This place honestly saved my life. The staff is world class from the moment I walked in the door. The variety of treatment ranging from meditation, personal fitness training, cardio club, 1 ON 1 sessions, in-depth group work and unique therapy such as acupuncture, EMDR, taping, sweat lodges, art therapy, yoga and the list goes on. The food has been amazing. I am blessed to have come here and met the people I have. Most importantly through learning about spirituality, I have learned to love myself and be humble.

A Grateful Alumnus


My overall experience at Aurora was amazing. I have changed my life over the last 30 days and I am forever grateful for all the staff and members that helped me through my rock bottom and to be able to find hop and faith for my future.

A Grateful Alumnus


Aurora has saved my life without this program I would be missing out on my life with my wife and kids. It has also brought back my relationship with my God. This place is 100% worth every penny I have spent.

A Grateful Alumnus


Aurora was the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed my life for the better. The staff is awesome here. It felt like one big happy family. Made some new sober friends here. I am living life once again.

A Grateful Alumnus


The Aurora Recovery Centre has truly been a blessing in my life. The centre is located at an incredibly beautiful and serene setting on Lake Winnipeg. The accommodations were beautiful, very clean and comfortable with breath taking views. As a vegetarian, I was so grateful for the special attention given to my dietary needs. The food was fantastic! Meals were delicious, balanced and healthy.

Most importantly, ARC helped me to detox from alcohol in a safe environment and taught me how to live a happy and healthy sober life. Through individual counselling and therapy, the 12 Step Program, daily meditation and group sessions and classes, I was given the tools I needed to reclaim my life. The staff was caring, knowledgeable and incredibly supportive throughout my 30 days at Aurora. They continue to be an amazing support as I navigate my way through sobriety out in the world. I am grateful for the check-in calls I have received and for weekly Continuing Care meetings. They help keep me grounded in my journey of recovery.

I felt honoured to have been given the opportunity to explore some traditional spiritual practices at Aurora. These included daily smudging, sweat lodges, and a pipe ceremony. Participation was completely optional but I would highly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities. They definitely helped me find a deeper spiritual connection in my recovery.

One of the greatest gifts of all has been the relationships I developed with other members of the centre. I have found a group of amazing new sober friends who support each other in our new fantastic sober life! Sobriety is more amazing than I ever thought possible and I couldn’t have done it without the Aurora Recovery Centre.

A Grateful Alumnus


It took 10 years for my family and health services to get me to attend a recovery centre. It came to a point in my life that I could no longer manage or control my life. I looked at many recovery centres and decided to attend Aurora. It turned out to be the best decision I made in years. The staff was in so emphatic and caring from the time I came in the front door till the time I went out the door. The facility provided me with all the treatment and therapy required for my stay and more importantly, to come once again control my life. Aurora is a first-class treatment facility and I am very thankful for a new beginning it enabled me to obtain. I am now confident that I will succeed!

A Grateful Alumnus


I have been to 3 previous rehabs over the past 15 years and continually relapsed. I now recognize at Aurora that I did not have the necessary tools to maintain my sobriety. My counsellors identified my issues and concerns and I must say they are the best counsellors on the planet!

A Grateful Alumnus


As I walk on the beach for the last time, gazing out the amazing sunrise, I feel serene. I have come to this point in my life to understand what freedom really means, to be aware of what surround me, but also to choose how to makes me feel and how I will react to it. And for that, I thank Paul for the meditation and experience shared, Sean my counsellor who helped me through my recovery, Linda, Lucille, Natasha and all my brothers and sisters from the fellowship.

A Grateful Alumnus


Much Thanks to all Staff at Aurora

Aurora was an experience of a life time. I honestly believe it saved my life. The staff was just amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone.

A Grateful Alumnus


I have been struggling with Drug and Alcohol for the last 20 years. In and out of residential and day programs for the last two years. I was at my last resort; the future was looking grim. After hearing about Aurora, I thought it was last chance.

After making the call to Aurora, they put me at ease and welcomed me with open arms. The program here is built around the member with group counselling, one on one counselling, family counselling and even a tailored physical training programs. I can say with all honesty that they care about the member and I didn’t just feel like another number.

They worked with me through the good and hard times and it wasn’t easy. There is no easy way out of the vicious cycle of addiction, as any one knows with the problem. But at Aurora they make it that much easier for my family and I to deal with. My family and I are so thankful for what Aurora has done for us. It wasn’t easy but if you put in the hard work in, they are here to support you 24/7. I am now 30 days sober and feel like the weight of addiction is off my chest. There still a long way to go on my road to recovery, with the help of the Aurora Team they have given me the tools I need to succeed. I can’t THANK THEM ENOUGH!!!

A Grateful Alumnus


Being a military man, I know what it is like to serve and so thank you for all your compassion, hard work and tools that I can now use to live a clean and sober life.
If I had not found Aurora, I would probably still be out there slowly killing myself, one drink at a time. So once again, thanks for teaching me all about the disease of addiction and what it takes to recovery from it. I totally understand now that I am the one who must do the work of recovery and that recovery is an inside job but can’t done alone either.

The facility is world class and being a fitness guy and I was pleased to find a gym, pool and yoga room along with great running trails and even a beach. Thanks again to all the counsellors who help me see clearly how addiction has been destroying my life. I am forever grateful.

A Grateful Alumnus


I was a patient at the Aurora Recovery Centre in December 2016. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for what has been a life changing experience. The expertise, concern for the welfare of all patients and genuine care given was outstanding. The facility a was perfect setting in which to address my addiction. At all times, I felt safe and part of my own recovery.

At all levels the staff was truly knowledgeable in how to cater to each member’s individual needs and concerns. The program had a great balance of physical, mental and spiritual programs designed with the only goal being recovery.

I would not hesitate to recommend the facility and staff at Aurora for any person desiring to get the help that they need to aid in their recovery.

A Grateful Alumnus


I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the exceptional love, care and attention you gave me over 60 days of treatment. Not only did you attend to my medical needs with detox but you provided me with emotional support and friendship during this very difficult time.

The nurses, the techs, the administrative, kitchen, therapist, yoga and fitness instructors, counsellors, member care team and even the housekeeping were all outstanding. And of course, the environment with a comfortable bed, beautiful room over looking Lake Winnipeg, and heaven like surroundings were conducive to peaceful and very comfortable recovery.

I have made great progress, lasting recovery relationships and now have 9 months clean and sober. I am feeling alive, confident and excited about my sobriety and life for the very first time. I highly recommend Aurora Recovery Centre to anyone wanting to experience the miracle of recovery at world class recovery facility.

A Grateful Alumnus


The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre and Aurora Recovery Centre have been working together these past few months to discuss developing resources for Indigenous families living in Winnipeg and involved in the child welfare system to prevent and reduce children from coming into care. We engaged in developing this relationship because of their genuine commitment and flexibility to doing things differently, holistically and respecting the traditional ways Indigenous people care and protect one another. Our equal partnership focuses on the strengths we both bring to a child-centred and family centred community based service delivery model intended to improve outcomes for Indigenous families. We are immediately focusing on how our Family Group Conference Program which is in partnership with Manitoba Child and Family Service Agencies can improve reducing the numbers children in care because families have the supports they need to succeed. The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre is looking forward to working in partnership with Aurora Recovery Centre and encourage others to join us in widening the circle to support Indigenous families.


Aurora is an awesome, safe, caring place. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come there and change my life around.

Karley W

Overall it was a great place to restart my life. I feel lucky in a way that I was able to come here to take ownership of my problems and the skills to deal with them

Jason F

Thank you, Aurora!

The Aurora Recovery Centre proved to be a very important turning point in my life. As a recovering Alcoholic my personal demons become unmanageable. I was thoroughly impressed by Aurora and how they offered many exceptional copying, learning and healing tools.

The primary importance of healing was treated with compassion by an excellent Medical Team and attentive Detox care.

The daily schedules included many impressive recreational and exercise activities. Strict attention to the member’s healing requirements were always evident.

Many special health care professionals all contributed to an amazing growth experience for me. From Doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, counselors and all facility staff, they all nurtured my emotional and physical health.
I wholeheartedly recommend Aurora to anyone who battles an addiction and craves a solution to it. Aurora Recovery Centre and the exceptional people who work there will continue to help many suffering families far into the future.

A Grateful Alumnus

Aurora has been absolutely paramount to my recovery. The people here truly care about your sobriety and well-being. Everyone from the CCS workers to the counselors and even the drivers. Upon arriving here, you are going to experience a roller coaster of emotions. You are going to go from happy to sad to mad to indifferent, sometimes all in the same day, but stick it out. It probably won’t be easy, in fact, I promise you it won’t be easy, but it is worth it!

The relief comes, the pain ends, and the laughter begins. I’ve gone through the hardest time of my life here at Aurora, but I’ve had the funniest time of my life here as well. Every one of you who walk through the doors of Aurora is a warrior! You all are fighters! So keep on fighting! Keep fighting the good fight!


An Opiate Addict

I have struggled with alcohol abuse for 8 years and have taken part in 4 rehabilitations. Last June I realized I needed more help to find the root of my problem. I heard good things about Aurora, the new addiction center in Gimli and called. I arrived on a Sunday and was welcomed by a supportive group of professionals. From there I started my 45-day program to recovery. The program consisted of grief counseling, co-dependency, self-compassion, anger management, healthy relationships, and forgiveness.

We followed the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous and studied the first three steps intensely. I also had an opportunity to see a psychologist and had one on one sessions with my counselor each week. I plan on seeing my psychologist in Winnipeg during my rehabilitation.

Aurora was very comfortable. The beds were great and the rooms were clean. The food was delicious and healthy as well. The kitchen staff went over and above to meet our needs. I was able to work out at the gym and pool daily. We also attended 6 AA meetings in the evenings. Sunday afternoon was set aside for family visitation. Group started each morning with a 20-minute meditation followed by 3-hour group therapy in the morning and again in the afternoon.

I feel that Aurora gave me the tools for a successful, sober life.

Linda C

I am so grateful for the Aurora Recovery Center! Someone I love with all my heart just finished treatment here. He has talked nonstop about the facility and awesome staff. He actually said he loved it! I wish I had room here to tell all the wonderful stories of the kindness and awesome care he received while he was there. Thank you to Paul Melnuk and to all of the Aurora staff! You are all very special and amazing people!!!!

Lynne M

Mother of Patient

I know they have some great counselors and people involved! Treatment saved my life!!!

Michael B

Aurora Recovery Centre’s philosophies are consistently reflected in the way we value our members and staff. Everything we do is in the interest of our members’ recovery for life.

Aurora’s treatment process is built upon a member-first culture and stands on three pillars that reflect our philosophy toward our members’ recovery: Heal, Connect and Recover.

From initial contact with Aurora, you begin to experience our Member-First Culture. Our highly experienced Addiction Specialists help you navigate the complex, emotional decision to admit to treatment.