Purpose and Philosophy



Our Purpose

We help people heal from the chronic disease of addiction and mental health disorders, stay clean and sober and maintain healthy relationships so that they become active in recovery for life.

Our Philosophy

Our treatment process is built upon a member-first culture and stands on three pillars that reflect our philosophy toward our members’ recovery: Heal, Connect and Recover. These pillars guide the process in which we heal our members’ minds, bodies and spirits, reconnect them with their true selves and their community and provide them with the tools they need to recover for life.





We understand that everyone is different and have different pasts, needs, and goals. At Aurora Recovery Centre (ARC), we cater to each and every member by creating custom treatment plans for our members that consists of individual and group work.

Our treatments are holistic, evidence-based bio-psycho-social and contain spiritual principles and practices. We primarily base our treatments on the Twelve Steps, a successful worldwide recovery philosophy. But because the Twelve Steps may not work for everyone, we offer a variety of alternative approaches for our members’ treatment plans.

Our members’ experiences are our first priority, and we believe they deserve the most advanced treatment protocols to address their addictions and mental health disorders. We also use adjunctive therapies that guide members to heal and connect with others for recovery for life.



Aurora Recovery Centre’s philosophies reflect in how we value our members and staff. Everything we do is in the interest of our members’ recovery for life.

Aurora’s treatment is built upon a member-first culture and stands on our three pillars that guide our members toward recovery: Heal, Connect and Recover.

Our highly experienced Addiction Specialists help you navigate the complex, emotional decision to admit, treatment, and recovery.