Chairmans Message

Our purpose at Aurora Recovery Centre is to help people recover their lives from addiction. Regardless of race, creed, gender or religion, anyone can achieve recovery for life through our Member-First culture, and transform their lives to become healthy, productive individuals—and healthier individuals build healthier communities.

To achieve our purpose, we tailor our programming to best serve each individual member’s needs, rather than expecting members to conform to one uniform treatment. We believe in the disease concept of addiction and its co-existing mental health disorders. Our members receive the most advanced addiction and mental health treatment protocols from our team of qualified professionals (link to team bio page?), who facilitate the best recovery outcomes.

We support, guide, lead and care for our members, but we do not enable them. We treat our people and members with respect, and we honour their contributions. We invest in the continuing growth and development of our community.

I have had an extensive and rewarding career in which I have led a number of multi-billion-dollar, international public companies and also some smaller, privately held businesses. My work has been in a variety of industries including addiction treatment. I have been involved in turnaround situations, high growth and A-rated companies, and I have always had a deep passion for the recovery field. I have had many successes, faced many challenges, and I have a wealth of experiences from each of these opportunities.

I have come to believe wholeheartedly that a successful business is one built on the principle of serving its members better than anyone else in its industry. At Aurora, we have created an environment that attracts, retains and motivates the most caring, compassionate, committed and capable team members. This is the core of our culture.

I know the power of recovery from firsthand experience. I have witnessed hundreds of formerly addicted people change their lives for the better, restore their relationships and become healthy and productive members of their communities. I have also seen people die from the ravages of addiction. At Aurora, we strive to arrest the latter and achieve the former.

Aurora is the dawn of a new standard in the treatment industry. We will do everything possible to help our members achieve the miracle of their own recovery.

Paul D. Melnuk

Chairman, CEO and Founder

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