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Aurora Recovery Centre Has Purpose

The leadership team of Paul Melnuk (Chairman, CEO, and Founder) and Manitoba Hero Ian Rabb (Director of Business Development) have a purpose to help alcoholic and chemically dependent people achieve the miracle of their own recovery. They have direct, first-hand experience with the disease of addiction and the life-changing power of recovery for individuals suffering from the perils of addiction and also their loved ones. They share a common passion for helping addicts and loved ones recover from the cunning, baffling and powerful disease of addiction. Having experienced their own recovery and through helping thousands inflicted with the devastation of addiction, they share the common belief in an integrated holistic approach to recovery to address mind, body and spirit issues. The programming integrates 12-step philosophies, the most current evidence based bio/psycho/social clinical practices and psycho-therapeutic treatment with physical, mindful and spiritual disciplines, to provide a solid foundation for sustained, long term recovery.

Our Philosophy:

We recognize people are unique, as are their current life situations. Therefore, we fit our programming to best serve the individual member’s needs rather than expecting members to fit our programming.

We believe in the disease concept of addiction and co-existing mental health disorders. At Aurora Recovery Centre, the primary treatment of addictions is holistic and spiritually based on 12 step philosophy while the primary treatment for mental health issues are medically, psychologically and therapeutically based. We believe our members deserve the most advanced treatment protocols for the best outcomes.

We care for our members in a nurturing manner. We support, guide, lead and care for them but do not enable them or others.

We treat our people and members with respect and honour their contributions.

We invest in the continuing growth, development and nurturing of our people. Aurora’s team exemplifies our Purpose, Principles and Philosophies inside and outside of our community.

Our Principles:

We are guided by a set of principles, or values, that are spiritual in nature that when practiced as a way of life, can remove our obsessions and enable those of us who apply them on a daily basis to become happily and usefully whole. These principles, although commonly known and understood, require daily discipline and effort to practice as a way of life. They include honesty, hope, action, acceptance, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, responsibility, justice, self-discipline, spirituality, love and service to name but a few.

In light of these principles, it is natural for Aurora to provide equal opportunity for all its members and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, veteran status, disability, military service, or other protected status.

Addiction is Treatable:

Addiction does not discriminate. Well known is the heartbreak of family, friends and others watching their loved ones descend into physical, mental and emotional demoralization as addiction progresses. Unlike many television portrayals, the majority of individuals experiencing addiction are found in the workplace, at church, in the store and in family homes, not the streets. In fact, prescription medications are the number one cause of overdose deaths in North America.

Addiction is a disease that causes deep physical, emotional and spiritual pain. As the disease progresses, the pain intensifies. Unfortunately, it is this pain that motivates the addict to get help. By the time the addict is willing to get help, most, if not all, are experiencing difficulty in most aspects of their lives. Relationships are damaged or broken, careers are on the line or lost, material losses mount and physical and emotional health is deteriorating rapidly. Most addicts are driven by fear and resentment, frequently described as egomaniacs with inferiority complexes who are selfish and self-centered to the core.

It is critically important for an addict to get immediate care and treatment when they have even modest willingness to get help. Waiting days, weeks or months for a bed most often results in the addict becoming unwilling to get help when the bed becomes available. Moreover, the risk of even more devastation can happen to the addict, their family members and others around them from continuing use. At the Aurora Recovery Centre, we have beds immediately available for both our 24/7 Medical Detox and Treatment Program.

Other Services:

We have the ability to admit members anytime of day or night, including those who may still be intoxicated or high with our 24/7 Medical Detox Unit.

We are also wheelchair accessible including our swimming pool. We also provide transportation services for all members, a tuck shop for member additional comfort needs and can provide services for the blind, deaf and other special needs situations.

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We have beds immediately available for both our 24/7 Medical Detox and Treatment Program.

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