Russell Brand Videos You Need To See

Must see Russell Brand videos

Russell Brand Videos You Need To See: Russell Brand is a celebrity who broke through the chains of addiction and is using his journey to help others. He’s lived in the spotlight for years.

Using Social Media To Share His Message

During this time, the public has watched his transformation from addict to author and motivational speaker. Now, he shares great tips on his Twitter and YouTube accounts. Whether you are looking for motivation to maintain a sober life or you want some entertainment or personal development tips, follow his account to stay updated on his latest messages.

We found some of the most popular and poignant Russel Brand videos about overcoming addiction and maintaining a strong mindset. Here are the top seven Russel Brand videos (in no particular order):

Russell Brand Videos You Need To See

The 12 Steps

Listen to Brand’s take on the 12 Steps and how they can be used to overcome addiction. He expands on the commonly discussed principles that are used in the 12 Steps, such as admitting that you have a problem and taking accountability for the situation. This explanation is a bit unconventional compared to some of the formal discussions of the program. But, his video shows a new point of view for those who are on the same journey of overcoming addiction.

How to Find Peace? Let Go

In this spiritual-themed discussion, Brand shares simple and effective strategies to let go of obstacles and negativity. These tips are great life practices for people of all ages. Many times, meditation is a helpful tool for those working to overcome addiction. These tips to reach enlightenment can be helpful on this journey to sobriety.

The Science Of Consciousness

To expand on the topic of enlightenment, this video is a great follow-up to the previous topic of finding peace. Improving consciousness is an important step in improving life and letting go of addictive behaviours. Understanding this process leads to a more compassionate, connected existence while letting go of the illusion. Brand points out things that are learned in Buddhist practices that are helpful to identify the differences between self and ego.

Russell Brand & Jordan Peterson – Kindness VS Power

Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, is a guest in this conversation, and together they discuss the way that life can be transformed by focusing on kindness. Building relationships and community is key to overcoming some of the biggest issues in society. Peterson discusses his 12 rules for life and how to make improvements on a personal level to have a positive impact on the community.

Marijuana Vs. Sugar – Which Drug Is Most Dangerous?

The debate rages about the safety of cannabis use, but are we looking at the way society is being influenced by sugar as well? Brand shares recent studies that highlight the dangers of both sugar and cannabis. Learning about the way these substances trigger the brain can help us identify ways to overcome and avoid addictive behaviour.

How Fox Lies Fuel The War On Drugs

Listen to how Russell Brand videos share thoughts on how the messages and opinions shared on Fox News are fueling the War on Drugs. Something needs to be done about the growing drug problem, and he encourages us to take a look at the way society is shaping substance abuse. Evidence shows that drug laws don’t work, and the analysis in this video offers a new way to look at the changes that need to happen.

Chris Cornell: Suicide Epidemic – Why?

Suicide is a hot topic right now with the occurrence increasing among people of all ages. In this video, Brand talks with Dr. Brad Evans about the factors that might be driving male suicide rates. Middle-aged males are in the fastest-growing brackets within which suicides are occurring. The goal of this topic is to have a relevant conversation about what needs to be done to change these trends. It can no longer be considered from an individual perspective because societal trends are influencing these rates.

Often, suicide is linked to alcoholism and other forms of addiction. Treating the roots of these addictions with alcohol rehabilitation could be the solution to reduce the rates of suicide.