Five Drugs that Dramatically Change Your Face

Five Drugs that Dramatically Change Your Face

Drugs that Dramatically Change Your Face: Substance use can cost you everything. Your job, money, home, friends, family and self. But, the most noticeable impact of addiction, is how it changes a person’s face.

The tragic result of substance abuse ranges from decayed teeth, skin scabs, and more.  These, along with other body changes, will be etched into their bodies for years.

Here’s how different drugs can change the look of a person with an addiction.


Meth is one of the most visibly destructive drugs, along with one of Canada’s deadliest drugs. People who use the drug are prone to facial sores, teeth decay, weight loss and accelerated ageing. Methamphetamine also causes itching due to drying skin.


The most significant effects of cocaine abuse are an inflamed nose. It’s common to see cocaine users with reddish noses that are inflamed all the time. On top of that, cocaine abuse leads to significant loss of appetite, malnutrition and weight loss. Users will tend to have a runny nose, septum erosion and look quite weak and frail.


Heroin causes flushing and rashing of red bumps all over a user’s body. Over time, it causes weight loss, skin abscesses, cellulite and scabs. The scabs are caused by constantly picking dry skin. Heroin addicts lose the radiance in their skin as well, which causes them to look dull and wasted. This is because the drug lowers a user’s blood pressure and heart rate. When the blood supply is reduced, skin and nails become bluish and flushed. Heroin addicts also will have saggy skin.


Oxycodone mainly causes bloodshot eyes which makes users look tired and drowsy all the time. The drug makes the skin look flushed and causes weight gain because users tend to form an inconsistent appetite. Addicts often start ageing quickly.


Alcoholics tend to have dry looking skin because alcohol dehydrates the body leaving the skin looking dry. Over time, this causes a condition called rosacea, a skin disorder that induces frequent blushing and flushing. As alcohol is consumed, it opens blood vessels, which causes bloating and redness. This will disfigure a user’s face over time.

Substance abuse causes unwanted bodily changes. No matter how often a drug is considered harmless, there are always side effects.

If you or a loved one are showing any of these symptoms, call us today for treatment.