Five Amazing Ways You’re Going to Change in Recovery

Five Amazing Ways You’re Going to Change in Recovery

Earlier this month we explained five miraculous ways you’re going to change in recovery. If you’re still wondering why you should choose to recovery from drugs and alcohol, here are five more reasons. The list is endless.

Ways You’re Going To Change in Recovery

You’re going to be empowered

Empowerment means to “make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.” Drugs and alcohol take your rights away from yourself. Recovery is a chance to reclaim who you are and your right to live your life. You’re going to feel confidence, real confidence. Day by day, you’re going to grow stronger in your faith, in your abilities, and in who you are.

You’re going to have faith, trust, and hope

Spiritual practice is going to bring you an inner peace rooted in a connection with powers greater than yourself. In the darkness of drug and alcohol addiction, life can seem dismal and bleak. Hopeless and feeling beyond help, it is easy to lose faith. Chances are, you lost faith long before you started drinking and using. You find it difficult to trust in any belief that things will get better, that you deserve better. Recovery is going to show you that you can get through anything, that you will get through anything. What’s more, you’re going to get through it without drinking and using.

You’re going to know how to handle being a part of life

It isn’t until we stop drinking and using that we realize, we really aren’t sure how to handle life, let alone being an actual part of it. In some ways, drugs and alcohol act as a cloak, shielding us from life. We learn that there is nothing to hide from. Through patience and practice, we integrate into a world that was always there waiting. At first, it can be intimidating. With time, we flow effortlessly through the bustle of existence. No longer on the outside of life, we participate fully.

You’re going to have fun again, with friends, family, and peers

Active addiction can be a lot of fun. More than likely, by the end, drinking and using wasn’t very fun anymore. The early stages of recovery can be awkward and uncomfortable. In those beginning months fun just feels difficult to have. As time goes on, you’re going to have more fun than you thought was possible. You’ll find that the idea of drinking or using would inhibit your ability to have a good time, rather than enhance it.

You’re going to be amazed

The gifts of recovery are ongoing. You’re going to be in a state of awe at how life can be, simply by deciding to trade in drugs and alcohol for sobriety. Day by day, year by year, your life is going to increase tenfold. You’ll wonder why you were so scared to try it in the first place.