Four Ways Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

To overcome the stigma surrounding addiction, we need to accept that it can happen to anyone. Addiction is a disease that consumes a person’s life, affecting their loved ones too. It is one of the most intense struggles to overcome.

So, how can it affect anyone? There are countless reasons why a person becomes an addict. Things such as childhood trauma, genetics, or someone’s brain chemistry can cause addiction. But here are four prominent reasons it can happen to anyone.

Poor Coping Mechanisms

Life can be difficult and stressful, which can leave people desperately grasping for comfort and stability. Coping mechanisms are natural ways to minimize stress when it becomes unbearable.

Many people turn to alcohol and drugs to cope because they believe it will put off the pain for a little longer. However, that’s not healthy. The best way to have healthy coping mechanisms is to address the root of pain/stress.

The Pleasure Principle

The brain registers pleasure as a good thing and creates a never-ending drive to achieve more of a good thing. It could be as simple as enjoying a chocolate bar or falling in love. It doesn’t differ to our brains because it’s fueling our dopamine levels.

Instead of learning to enjoy pleasure in moderation our brains push us for more pleasure. Hence, why someone may become addicted.

Genetics and Family

Addiction on its own isn’t genetic but being impulsive is. Having an impulse trait is directly linked to addiction. People with poor impulse control are more likely to try new things and ignore the risks of those actions.

While you may never think you could become an addict, your brain physically may not be able to help prevent you from such temptations.

Social Setting

Having a drink or two at a lounge is socially acceptable. However, it lowers the perceived danger of how alcohol affects the body after just one drink. Eventually, many people end up trying a substance more than they originally did because it’s become normal to be exposed to it.

Addiction affects everyone. If you know someone struggling with substance abuse, contact us today.