Dr. Adrian F.M. Hynes


Dr. Adrian F.M. Hynes – Psychiatrist

Dr. Adrien Hynes is a psychiatrist specializing in co-occurring disorders. He was born, raised, and received his medical training in Ireland. He trained as a family doctor in England. After arrival in Canada in 1980, he practiced and taught family medicine in Manitoba until 1992, when he began training in psychiatry and addictions in Winnipeg and Minneapolis.

He practiced co-occurring disorders and methadone maintenance in Thunder Bay from June 1996 until September 2003, when he moved to London, Ontario to become physician leader of the Concurrent Disorders Program in London.

He returned to Winnipeg in July 2005 and is now based at the Health Sciences Centre. His official titles are Psychiatric Consultant in Co-Occurring Disorders to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and Medical Director, Co-Occurring Disorders, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg.

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