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Addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease, yet one of the least understood in our society today. Most in active addiction deny they have the disease even though their continued use of drugs and alcohol is tearing apart their lives and the lives of those around them. At Aurora, our highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team provides individualized treatment plans and programming for clients to receive the miracle of their own recovery from the disease.

Aurora Recovery Centre is here to help. Big questions or small, we’re your recovery resource.

Your life-long recovery is just one phone call away!

24/7 TOLL-FREE: 1-844-515-STOP(7867)

Miracles Really Do Happen at Aurora

The miracle begins the moment clients arrive at this world class, lake-shore facility on 14 secluded acres. We provide full medical detox services utilizing the most advanced withdrawal protocols and practices. Our holistic residential treatment program combines evidence-based practices, 12-step philosophies and other physical, emotional and spiritual techniques to build a foundation for long-term recovery.

I know they have some great counselors and people involved! Treatment saved my life!

Michael B. (Patient)



The facility is world class and being a fitness guy and I was pleased to find a gym, pool and yoga room along with great running trails and even a beach.

– A Thankful Alumnus, Michael


I would not hesitate to recommend the facility and staff at Aurora for any person desiring to get the help that they need to aid in their recovery.

– A Thankful Alumnus, Johnathan


The nurses, the techs, the administrative, kitchen, therapist, yoga and fitness instructors, counsellors, client care team and even the housekeeping were all outstanding.

– A Thankful Alumnus, Allison


It wasn’t easy but if you put in the hard work in, they are here to support you 24/7. I am now 30 days sober and feel like the weight of addiction is off my chest. There still a long way to go on my road to recovery, with the help of the Aurora Team they have given me the tools I need to succeed. I can’t THANK THEM ENOUGH!!!

– A Thankful Alumnus, Ian


I am so grateful for Aurora Recovery Centre! Someone I love with all my heart just finished treatment here. He actually said he loved it! I wish I had room here to tell all the wonderful stories of the kindness and care he received. Thank you to all of the Aurora staff. You are all very special and amazing people!!!

– Lynne M. (mother of client)


Aurora has been absolutely paramount to my recovery. The people here truly care about your sobriety and well-being. Everyone from the CCS workers to the counselors and even the drivers. Upon arriving here, you are going to experience a roller coaster of emotions. You are going to go from happy to sad to mad to indifferent, sometimes all in the same day, but stick it out. It probably won’t be easy, in fact, I promise you it won’t be easy, but it is worth it!

– An Opiate Addict, Tyson.


Thank you Aurora! The Aurora Recovery Centre proved to be a very important turning point in my life. As a recovering Alcoholic my personal demons become unmanageable. I was thoroughly impressed by Aurora and how they offered many exceptional copying, learning and healing tools.

– A Thankful Alumnus

At Aurora, We Proudly Have

Full Medical Detox

  • On site, 24/7/365 medical detox unit managed by an addictions specialist Medical Doctor
  • Nurse Practitioners on site or call 24/7
  • Around the clock credentialed nurses delivering client-centred intensive and compassionate care
  • Custom tailored withdrawal plans

Highly Skilled Clinical Team

  • Multi-disciplined bio-psycho-social professionals
  • Onsite Marriage and Family Therapist, including credentialed counsellors with two complementary skilled counsellors assigned to each client
  • Customized Individual treatment plans for each client.

Inclusive family and aftercare programs included and longer term continuing care

Fitness trainer (5x’s per week) with individualized fitness programs in a fully equipped gym

Yoga studio & instructor


Art therapy

Daily meditation classes

Auricular Acupuncture therapy

Yoga studio & instructor


Art therapy

Daily meditation classes

Auricular Acupuncture therapy

Daily 12 Step Groups

Massage therapy (additional cost)

Sweat Lodge

Horticulture therapy & nutritional programs

Sunday loved one visitation

Daily 12 Step Groups

Massage therapy (additional cost)

Sweat Lodge

Horticulture therapy & nutritional programs

Sunday loved one visitation

Beds Immediately Available

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Addiction does not discriminate. Well known is the heartbreak of family, friends and others watching their loved ones descend into physical, mental and emotional demoralization as addiction progresses. Unlike many television portrayals, the majority of individuals experiencing addiction are found in the workplace, at church, in the store and in family homes, not the streets. In fact, prescription medications are the number one cause of overdose deaths in North America.

Aurora’s residential treatment program combines 12 -step philosophies (including outside meetings), bio-psycho-social therapies and other physical, emotional and spiritual techniques that pave the road to sustainable long-term recovery.

At the Aurora Recovery Centre, we have beds immediately available for both our 24/7 Medical Detox and Treatment Program.

Aurora Recovery Center was recently featured on CBC News

Big price tag, or big waitlist: Addicts face barriers no matter where they turn in Manitoba

Two months after her daughter, Lisa Erickson, died of a suspected carfentanil overdose, Carol Ward still wonders if a private recovery clinic could have saved her daughter’s life.

Experts in our field

Aurora has an impressive team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to collaboratively serving individual client needs.

Paul Melnuk

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Gribanov

Chief Financial Officer

Ian Rabb, OD

Director of Business Development

Derek Jenson, MD

Medical Director Withdrawal Management

Tamara Miller, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Conny Anderson, Ph.D.

Director of Clinical Services

Brenda Dilello

Counselling Supervisor

Patty Medd, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Cheryl Cohan, MMFT

Clinical Therapist and Director of Therapeutic Programs

Addiction is Treatable

Addiction is a disease that causes deep physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pain. As the disease progresses, the pain intensifies. Unfortunately, it is this pain that motivates the addict to get help. By the time the addict is willing to get help, most, if not all, are experiencing difficulty in most aspects of their lives. Relationships are damaged or broken, careers are on the line or lost, material losses mount and physical and emotional health is deteriorating rapidly. Most addicts are driven by fear and resentment, frequently described as egomaniacs with inferiority complexes who are selfish and self-centered to the core. It is critically important for an addict to get immediate care and treatment when they have even modest willingness to get help.


Why the Need for Premier Private Addiction Rehab Centre?

The numbers show there is a crisis happening across Canada with long waiting periods for people who are in need of drug and alcohol medical detox and treatment. Aurora Recovery Centre offers immediate 24/7 availability to provide much needed relief to the acute shortage of alcohol and chemical dependency treatment capacity in Canada. Aurora Recovery Centre is one of the only major private facilities in the country featuring 24/7 medical detox and leading residential treatment programs delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals including medical professionals, therapists, counsellors and other support staff.


  • 45,000 square foot, gold standard, 5 star addiction treatment facility
  • Full theatre, games room with pool table, ping pong, air hockey
  • Indoor wheelchair accessible oversized swimming pool
  • Stunning beachfront property, sprawling grass fields and miles of adjacent woodlands trails
  • Co-ed facility, secure key card for restricted access

Your life-long recovery is just one phone call away!

24/7 TOLL-FREE: 1-844-515-STOP(7867)


  • Airport pick-up and drop off services from Aurora staff
  • On site chef, nutritional menu (bio-chemistry repair and replenish)
  • Robust seasonal recreational scheduling (beachfront, fishing, campfire, barbeque, basketball, bowling, volleyball, on site ice rink, snow shoeing)
  • On site massage and hair salon

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Your life-long recovery is just one phone call away!


We have beds immediately available for both our 24/7 Medical Detox and Treatment Program.


Our addiction specialists are available
24 hours a day, 7 days a week