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Addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease, yet one of the least understood in our society today. Most in active addiction deny they have the disease even though their continued use of drugs and alcohol is tearing apart their lives and the lives of those around them. At Aurora, our highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team provides individualized treatment plans and programming for clients to begin to experience the miracle of their own recovery.

The journey begins the moment clients arrive at this world class, lake-shore facility on 14 secluded acres. We provide full 24/7 medical detox services utilizing experienced medical professionals and the most advanced withdrawal protocols and practices. Our residential treatment program combines 12-step philosophies, bio-psycho-social therapies and other physical, emotional and spiritual techniques that pave the road for sustainable, long-term recovery.

For many clients, 30-day residential programs are sufficient, although we provide longer term programs to fit the needs of our clients. Detox prepares clients to participate in treatment which includes group therapy, individual counselling, mind/body/spirit sessions and 12-step meetings both inside and outside of the facility. Specialized individual therapy is available from our PhD and Masters level therapists for clients where it is determined necessary by the counselling staff.

Our counselling staff are credentialed addictions and/or mental health professionals with incredible passion for their clients’ care. Each client receives at least three individual counselling sessions weekly while in treatment from one or both of the two staff assigned to each client. This way, clients are assured of comprehensive individual care with both evidence based practices and 12-step philosophies.

Our beautiful facility also provides an exceptional gym with certified personal trainers, magnificent hiking trails, yoga studio and instructor and a large indoor pool to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition is an important part of early recovery and homemade, healthy and tasty meals are prepared by our chef and her staff. Individual special nutritional requirements can be accommodated.

Addiction is a family disease. We offer a family program for loved ones to help them access tools of recovery for themselves. This is instrumental in achieving a harmonious relationships in sobriety.

The first step toward experiencing the miracle of recovery is to contact Aurora Recovery Centre and speak with one of our experienced addiction specialists who will help a person better understand the disease and specifics of individual addictions. We can assist in arranging certified interventionists should this be necessary to help the addict choose the path or recovery rather that continue in their addiction.

It is important to act with urgency to place the addict in treatment when they exhibit the slightest willingness to attend treatment. We have immediate bed availability for this purpose so that any sliver of opportunity to help the addict is not missed.

Call us now at 1-844-515-STOP(7867) so that Aurora can help you or or a loved one find the miracle of recovery.


How We Do It


Ian Rabb

How to get help with addictions at Aurora Recovery Centre

Shannon Cuciz speaks with Ian Rabb from Aurora Recovery Centre about how people can get help with addictions and change their lives around by going to Gimli, Manitoba.

Experts in our field

Aurora has an impressive team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to collaboratively serving individual client needs.

In fact, each client has two primary counselors, one more deeply trained in addiction recovery and the other deeply trained and experienced in the bio/psycho/social practices.

Our team also includes Masters and Ph.D. level therapists to deal with more challenging client issues.

Although deeply committed to 12-step recovery, the daily programming is filled with state-of-the-art practices to ensure individual client needs are addressed with highly qualified professionals to provide a solid foundation for sustained, long-term recovery.

Aurora fits their programming to best serve our individual clients’ needs rather than expecting our clients to fit our programming.

Our Team of Experts believe in the disease concept of addiction and co-existing mental health disorders and address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that face virtually all addicts.

At Aurora, addiction and disorders are treated concurrently to set the client on a solid foundation for sustained long term recovery.

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Our Location

Our 45,000+ square foot, 70-bed drug and alcohol recovery centre with an impressive 24/7 Medical detox unit is located on a 14 acre tranquil beach property on Lake Winnipeg, one of the 10 largest lakes in the world, just a one hour drive north of Winnipeg International Airport near the resort town of Gimli, Manitoba.

It is truly a little piece of heaven away from all distractions, a great opportunity to focus on wellness and recovery. The beauty and serenity of this natural environment does wonders to alleviate the stress and worry that comes along with early recovery. The open, partially wooded, lakeside, peaceful property is a beautiful setting to introduce clients to enjoying a life free of addictions. We have an outside basketball court, fire pits for socials and a large outdoor pizza oven for special occasions.

On cooler days, clients can enjoy our indoor pool, one of the largest in Manitoba, a modern gym, yoga studio, theatre as well as billiards, ping-pong, air hockey, foosball and a large library with wood burning fireplace.


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